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So I dropped the ball on everything LJ. HOWEVER, I just wanted to tell my flist that you are all amazing and I'm so glad you're in my life!

In other news, I'm not sick with Black Ebola Yellow Fever. I had an infection in my throat, and they fixed it with pills. :DDD But I am calling it fauxno, because I was: tired, feverish, and four other symptoms of mono. I realize how very, very lucky I am, because it could have been many other terrible things that would've required surgery and general badness.

And this surgery would not have been as much fun, because I wouldn't be in the pediatrics ward where they give you a teddy bear just for showing up and all the nurses have silly scrubs like pigs riding on motorcycles. (Or as I yelled in my drugged up stupor: HOGS ON HOGS!)

I hope everyone has a fabulous NYE and gets a kiss at midnight!

I finished the 100 movies meme, and I feel super legit, but you guys have to promise not to judge my taste in movies, there's so many terrible movies I watched due to crushes on actors. I mean really, CFine, Small Town Saturday Night? Why do you hate me so much?

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Still sick, still knitting, watching movies I loved as a kid to pass the day in between naps. Hook, BatB, Empire Strikes Back, James Bond, etc. This is totally one reason why I have ALL the Disney movies. For sick days. And for babysitting, because kids should see all the classics and there are some 5 year-olds out there who had never seen Robin Hood or Beauty and the Beast because of Vaulting. /ramble

Why won't this scarf ever finish?! (I say this to every scarf, BTW) But seriously scarf, be done.

You can see this is why I really don't post when I'm sick. My full ADD comes out and I have run-on or incomplete sentences. Go me! Take that, English Language! I'd like to think I'm rebelling against sentence diagrams. Those things are so Tiberius.

Day #15: The first movie you saw (in the movie theaters)


SUP GURL? You're really not so little. But ILU, you get the best songs, and even though you're a little shallow you're only 16 so it's okay. You also are played by Jodi Benson. I LOVE Jodi Benson, she's fabulous (she's also Barbie in Toy Story 2 & 3)

~*the valley of contentment*~

I was 4, my Dad was not. But he took me to see that at the movie 7 times. So he says. One day, we actually watched it in the theater three times in a row. He paid the theater for all three when we left, but he says it was because I missed parts of the movie the first two times (bathroom or something) and I insisted that I needed to see the whole thing in one go. IDK, it was our fun day together and he didn't mind seeing things multiple times.

Also, I was just busy memorizing the score and I could not get enough of it. I had to keep watching the movie because a) it was awesome, b) there was singing, and c) I was starting my lifetime long stanning of Menken and Ashman music.


Sooo behind on everything!

Well, I GRADUATED FROM PASTRY SCHOOL!!11!! I'm happy to be done and now I'm looking for a real job. My mom was in town this week, and we had a blast (she got lost so many times. Oh mom.) I've been knitting up a storm and working on a lot of projects.

Last night I saw Red with Rachel and it was AWESOME. So many guns and action sequences. So many.

I'll make a bigger post tomorrow, but for now...

I'm taking them two at a time until I catch up... this works for me.

Day #12: Your favorite villain song

Brilliant, superb, flawless song, etc. SRSLY HOWARD ASHMAN WHY ARE YOU SO INCREDIBLE. I mean they didn't even HAVE online rhyming dictionaries ~*way back then*~ how do you know so many rhymes, sir?

Day #13: Your least favorite song

This is hard. I mean, there's a lot of songs I don't really care for, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. HOWEVER, this song is really bad. The song is pointless, it doesn't further plot and there's nothing really going on melodically. It's just a standard three verse patter song that isn't very interesting to listen to. And let's not talk about how this song (lyrically) was okay in the 50s. Let's not go there.

Oct. 16th, 2010

So my mom is getting in at 7AM! And then we're off to do fun stuff, IDK what.

Day #9: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)


Oh, Goofy. You can't get anything right, but I love you anyway. <333
Day #10: Your favorite song

This song has so many layers, it has foreshadowing, exposition, and a great ensemble. This song is genius, by far my favorite Menken/Ashman song. While I wouldn't say I listen to it more than others, I can't stop listening to it if it pops up on my iPod.

Day #11: Your favorite love song

Another Menken song. I don't have a preference at all

No one villains like Gaston!

Day #8: Your favorite villain

Gaston Flex

This is a no-brainer. I love Gaston as a character in general, but as a villain, he's incredible. And he has a super catchy song. I love super catchy songs!

So other Disney Villains are visually scary. You know watching the movie that these are bad people. DO NOT trust the candy in their van. But Gaston has the whole town under his spell; he's a champion, he's handsome, and he's got great chest hair. So when Gaston makes that villain switch and manipulates the entire town into a riot without a problem, that's scary. Also, as the beast gets more humanity, Gaston becomes more beastly. /thesis paper

I could go on, but then this would get teel deer.

In other news: made mad progress on the scarf, cleaned my room, and went to the grocery store. I AM AN ADULT.

In sadder news, the event where I sing every Friday has shut down. I haven't been able to go for the past few months, and I've met really great, lovely people there. But there will be other places to sing in the city.

Have some moar Gaston:

Gelle Baston

I can speak Whale!

Day #7: Your favorite sidekick


OMG, Dory. Dory is incredible, funny, and quotable. She also makes you feel better about yourself after you've walked into a room and had no idea why you went there in the first place. Oh, right! I needed a paper towel!

My mom is coming in Sunday for my graduation! And I'm trying to finish a scarf at lightening speed: if I'm sitting, I'm knitting. ...Unless I'm on the internet.

Also, what would you say is the definitive Classic!Sarah Jane Smith costume? And could someone please tell me if she had a matching pink scarf that looked like the Fourth Doctors? Am I crazy?

More meme catch up from the con

Day #4: Your favorite prince


Eric was my first cartoon crush. I mean, how could you not fall for him? Dark hair, blue eyes, plays an instrument, and he has a dog. Dogs are real chick magnets. And even though he doesn't notice what's right in front of him, he sees the light eventually.

FUN FACT: My acting coach was the live action model for Eric, and I developed a HUGE crush on him after learning this fact.

Day #5: Your favorite hero


Oh yeah, you knew Aladdin would be up here. Aladdin has it all, he's kind, handsome, and knows how to get out of jams really well! And he has a monkey! I love monkeys! I love Aladdin!

Day #6: Your favorite animal


Could we count Stitch? I seriously love him, and his story makes me so happy. And he's also just off his rocker. I also have a plushie of him! He is my squishy.

In other news, I have one week until I graduate. I can see the light and it's so pretty! I'm also knitting up a storm and trying to finish a scarf for a friend in class.

No more to talk about, except I got my lowest grade ever on my Wedding Cake: an 85. I lost 5 points each for technique, difficulty, and my piping. WHYYYY. I was also graded by the tough Chef. My life is so hard. DDD: And she knows I'm not an artist, and what I did was difficult for me. Just because there are people in the class who are already professional cake decorators, doesn't mean I should be graded against them.


Day #3: Your favorite heroine

So, hear me out. Giselle is not officially a princess, and that's okay. And Giselle grew so much in the movie, she hid from the monster in the beginning, and slayed the dragon. And yes, she's happy and joyful and wonderful, and those are great things to aspire to. All in all, I love Giselle. THIIIIIIS MUCH.

SPEAKING OF GISELLE, Comic Con story timez:

So, I said hello to James Marsters, shook his hand, everything was cool. I was with Rachel, and it was at the autograph booth, but we didn't want to pay money for a picture. So they let us do that really quickly. I was normal. It wasn't a big deal, he's a person. Whatever. (I think because I'm an actor, I know well-known actors, and I'm just an adult who can deal with it.)

I saw a regular con attendee dressed as Giselle and I lost my freaking mind. I flipped my shit and HAD to get a picture with her. She was talking to an artist at a booth for a few minutes while I waited, so, so patiently. I was a bit overexcited when talking to her, but was not in control when telling it to friends. I should've just said her: OMG YOU'RE GISELLE I LOVE YOUR WORK. I HAVE YOUR MOVIE. YOU'RE A GODDESS. YOU'RE MY ICON ON LJ YOU'RE EVERYTHING I COULD WANT TO BE.

Yeah. Talking to people like an adult. ...Check.

My favorite prince and hero will come tonight and more comic con, AFTER I TAKE MY WRITTEN FINAL, OMG.

So there I was, Duffing out

Wednesday was an epic day.


high five

The theme was disco and it's not perfect, but I'm proud of it.


I mean, my piping is bad, BUT it's getting better. Piping is something I've always had trouble with, but I've solved it by just doing dots. And I made spiky dots. :DDD


Day #2: Your favorite princess:

Belle. Of course! When I was younger I used to read ALL THE TIME, and the kids at school called me a bookworm and I just said "Belle reads!" and it shut them up.

Off to Comic Khaaaan! Finals start today too! AUGH.

I'm starting a meme!

So, I've decided to get into the groove of posting more. So I'm gonna do this Disney meme! I've never tried one of these 30 day memes before, I hope I complete it. No, really.

Day #1: Your favorite character:

Mary Poppins. I've read the books, absorbed the movie, and seen the stage show 9 times. I love absolutely all versions of this character, the sweet and loving (but stern) Julie!Mary, the prim and strict (but forgiving) book version. And the stage version is a combination of the two.

She is also the last half of my user name, making this a really easy choice. She's practically perfect, except for a few flaws. This HBIC is as vain as Narcissus and she's got tons of self-esteems. A wonderful role model. If you wanted to be a nanny and do magic tricks. Or go where the wind takes you and always use your imagination. Yeah, that's a better example.

Stay fierce, Mary. <3

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