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I'm starting a meme!

So, I've decided to get into the groove of posting more. So I'm gonna do this Disney meme! I've never tried one of these 30 day memes before, I hope I complete it. No, really.

Day #1: Your favorite character:

Mary Poppins. I've read the books, absorbed the movie, and seen the stage show 9 times. I love absolutely all versions of this character, the sweet and loving (but stern) Julie!Mary, the prim and strict (but forgiving) book version. And the stage version is a combination of the two.

She is also the last half of my user name, making this a really easy choice. She's practically perfect, except for a few flaws. This HBIC is as vain as Narcissus and she's got tons of self-esteems. A wonderful role model. If you wanted to be a nanny and do magic tricks. Or go where the wind takes you and always use your imagination. Yeah, that's a better example.

Stay fierce, Mary. <3

Day #2: Your favorite princess:
Day #3: Your favorite heroine
Day #4: Your favorite prince
Day #5: Your favorite hero
Day #6: Your favorite animal
Day #7: Your favorite sidekick
Day #8: Your favorite villain
Day #9: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)
Day #10: Your favorite song
Day #11: Your favorite love song
Day #12: Your favorite villain song
Day #13: Your least favorite song
Day #14: Your favorite kiss
Day #15: The first movie you saw
Day #16: Your favorite classic
Day #17: Your least favorite classic
Day #18: Your favorite Pixar film
Day #19: Your least favorite Pixar film
Day #20: Favorite sequel
Day #21: An overrated movie
Day #22: An underrated movie
Day #23: A movie that makes you laugh
Day #24: A movie that makes you cry
Day #25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
Day #26: Saddest death
Day #27: Your favorite quote
Day #28: Your favorite theme park
Day #29: Your favorite theme attraction Series
Day #30: Your favorite theme park show


Oct. 8th, 2010 06:23 am (UTC)
I've never done a thirty day meme before, but I might have to now.

Most Underrated? Duh, Atlantis.


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